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As a Photographer I believe every wedding is special and unique, seeing each wedding day unfold in its unique and quirky ways is exciting, I not only capture amazing images but create images worthy of capturing so that you can proudly show off and display for all your friends and family to reflect on for years to come and even pass on through the generations as a reminder of the Love, Family, Friendships, laughter, tears of happiness….

Storytelling and documenting your day from start to finish is important, and want you to feel relaxed, and have the time of your life, no matter if it is your first or subsequent special day.

I am one of the people at your wedding who will see every moment as it unfolds from getting ready with the hair and make-up, laughing and joking with your bridal party, showing tears of joy as you get in the car to drive to the ceremony. Then as you step out your father or person walking you down the isle to become married sees you all beautifully dressed up to the nines……. The shock and tears of joy rolling down their face, then as you enter the ceremony revealing to everyone witnessing your union saying, “OH WOW, how beautiful.”

Being escorted down the isle to the wonderful music you have so carefully chosen your eyes meet with each other seeing the love pour from your hearts, and yes even a tear or two trying to be held back. You give a kiss to your loved one that walked you to your partner, taking each other hand in hand, you stand opposite each other in that moment that you wish could last a lifetime, before the words are said “We are gathered here today to Join ……….”

Then as you say your final vows, sign your documents to be officially wedded and declared to everyone witnessing of your union, you then proceed slowly down the isle shaking hands and greeting your family and friends, giving hugs filled with tears of joy…. Shortly after you have some photos with family and friends and possibly a group photo, before being whisked away for some official portraits with your bridal party and for the first time alone together…...

A little while later you reunite with your family and friends to celebrate and drink to the next chapter in your lives together, enjoying carefully planned and prepared food and sharing tales being told of how you met, the things you both use to get up to and even embarrassing moments from bridal party members, and family members, none more precious than your parents saying how proud of your journey thus far in life and proud to hand your journey over to your new partner to create a lifetime of memories together.

You then toast the night and take your first dance together as everyone gazes on your unity and loving embrace before letting your hair down and party, as the night closes you take each others hands as your whisked away for your first night of your honeymoon, this is the point we depart our ways….

Cont.……. upon your return still on cloud nine we meetup to review your images that have been carefully selected and edited for the final selection and choosing your images to be printed and put into your photo album to then be hand crafted

Be sure to check out my Wedding portfolio by clicking here or the images below….

  • 20120204_162858_00379
  • 20131214_00451_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_01271_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_00722_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_01038_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_00317_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_02836_Kate & James Monto
  • 20111217_143005_00108
  • 20111217_164609_00343
  • 20111217_173239_00490
  • 20111217_170010_00367
  • 20111217_182053_00559
  • 20111217_185438_00643
  • 20111217_191800_00754
  • 20120526_223649_00888
  • 20120526_180015_00526
  • 20120526_195155_00689
  • 20120526_171009_00406
  • 20120204_155823_00261
  • 20131214_02996_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_02974_Kate & James Monto
  • 20131214_03096_Kate & James Monto
  • 20120204_152233_00122
  • 20120526_160617_00233
  • 20131214_03247_Kate & James Monto
  • 20120526_171610_00433
  • 20120526_170806_00399
  • 20111217_185945_00676
  • 20140205_03637_Kate & James Monto-Edit
  • 20131214_02470_Kate & James Monto
  • 20120526_170138_00387
  • 20120526_173100_00486

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