“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”.

Aaron Siskind

Such is the power of photography. One click of a camera is all it takes to capture a memory forever. Don't worry if you are not a professional photographer. You can still capture precious and memorable moments of your life by using our professional photography services at X Mark Photography, a company serving individuals, families and corporates across Australia.

X Mark Photography was established by Allan Griffin in 2016 as a venture close to his heart. His life was never a bed of roses. But he followed his artistic passion and set up X Mark Photography to appeal to photography enthusiasts across South Australia. His enthusiasm, passion and grit give the company the drive to offer unique photography services for unique needs of people.


Our service covers a range of fun and exciting events in the region, and we ensure that our services are offered with the utmost professionalism. We help you chronicle your special occasion through high-quality, clicked-to-perfection images that you are sure to remember. We understand that a relaxed and trouble-free experience is all our clients' need, and we seek to provide them exactly this. Our quality service will ensure that your event, whether personal or professional, is captured as an evergreen memory.

We know how precious family moments are-- be it your kid's first fancy avatar or family camping trips or birthdays. That's why we hold portrait sessions for our clients for creating products, albums and wall arts that everyone will remember. We help you say your story and treasure precious memories with your family in the form of high-quality portraits. Our easy-to-use and secure online store let you view and purchase professional images for a reasonable price. We are driven by our beliefs, which are:


We believe in doing what is right. Our actions and decisions are based on personal values rather than financial benefits.


We respect all families and honour all individuals by understanding their values and fostering feelings of mutual respect.


Our enthusiasm and commitment highlight the passion we have for good photography. We believe in going an extra mile in order to satisfy our clients.

Our enthusiasm and commitment highlight the passion we have for good photography. We believe in going an extra mile in order to satisfy our clients.

But that's not all about our services. We also offer WallArt, which encompasses the beauty of traditional landscapes, the modernity urbanscapes and the poignancy of abstract images. We create images that capture the essence and spirit of people and tell stories that are often inexpressible through words. You can check out our portfolio to know the kind of work we do. Reach out to us and let us know how we can make your event, portraits and wall art special.

Warm regards,
Allan Griffin
X Mark Photography

X Mark Photography’s vision is to be creating photographs exclusively for the discerning photo buyer in the portrait, Event, and WallArt photography industries, that captures the spirit and essence of people and our environments of today, and to preserve the memories of a lifetime.